MISS ROSE Purely Natural Foundation
MISS ROSE Purely Natural Foundation
MISS ROSE Purely Natural Foundation

MISS ROSE Purely Natural Foundation

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Face the day with a radiant look! A lightweight purely natural foundation for normal to dry skin. Delivering up to 12 hours of hydration, and with illuminating pigments, this new formula provides visibly more radiant skin. 

  1. Natural, moisturizer, oil-control, conceals, brightens
  2. Make-up – face-other
  3. Highlighters and illuminators
  4. Miss Rose 100% Brand New
  5. Long-lasting high quality
  6. Block defect whitening, lasting moisture, water tender containment, increase the luster


Ask a Question
  • How can i know which is for my skin?


    Thank you for approaching us Mam.

    We have fair and ivory6  shade for fair skin and beige 1 and beige 2 for normal skin tone.

    We suggest you to select a shade one tone lighter than your Skin tone.

    For more details kindly contact our official helpline and whatsapp number 03111122240

  • Is this a matte foundation

    Good Morning.Thank you for contacting us.

    This is Natural foundation Face the day with a radiant look!

    A lightweight purely natural foundation for normal to dry skin.

     For more details you can contact our official helpline and whatsapp number.  03111122240

  • Expiry date of this product?

    Good Evening Mam.

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Our product will be expired after 3 to 4 years

  • Not sure which colour will be suitable For my skin

    Kindly whatsapp 0311 11 222 40  us your skin tone so we can guide you about it.

  • Hy I have a oily skin so can I use this foundation? Also can we use it on weddings?

    Yes it is good for wedding and also this is best for all skin type,

  • How much is this ? I mean how much ml?

    It is the 30 ML.

  • Sir my skin complexion is white... I ordered fair colour but it doesn't suit me because it was dull then my complexion...kindly guide me which colour is best for me

    Mam kindly confirm your skin typefron shade card so we can guide you about it,

  • Is this foundation suitable for oily skin type??

    Yes it is for all skin types.

  • delivery time ?

    Delivery takes 3-4 working days.

  • Delivery charges kya hn .or mujhe idea nae meri skin pr kon si foundation jae gi in mn se.in mn se all skin type pr kon si foundation use ho skti he

    In this sale, we offer FREE Delivery on the purchase of Rs 2000 or above but less than Rs 2000, delivery charges are Rs 200 only.  we have beige 3 and 4 for dull skin tone.  for more details kindly whatsapp 0311 11 222 40

  • My skin type is bedge2 so what’s suitable for my skin?

    Mam select shade beige 2 of foundation or beige 1

  • Mera skin color na white hai na dark means wheat jesa haii which foundation color match with my skin tone ?

    Mam this shade is resemble with beige 1 shade.

  • Ye foundation high coverage hai or kya dry skin k lie sahe bai

    Yes or ya all skin type ky lea hai ..

  • Which foundation of yours gives full coverage Not mattee.. I'm very confused in so many of these..

    Mam all the foundation has full day coverage especially our new foundation.

  • Which foundation of miss rose is for wedding festivals heavy makeup. Like minimal to heavy

    Mam for heavy look select our silk foundation or smooth foundation.

  • Which shade would match with Maybelline fit me 128. Takey phir main exact shade lay lon

    Shade ivory6 resemble with 128

  • Kindly guide me about foundation shade which one is best for normal fair skin tone?

    Mam shade beige 1 is for normal skin tone.

  • Does this product is for oily skin?

    It can be used for all skin type.

  • I have fair colour but not very much fair and I have yellowish type of skin tone . So which shade of purely natural foundation is best for me ? Also suggest me the shade of concealor

    Mam you can select fair shade for both concealer and foundation.

  • Is it long lasting foundation ... For how many hours it will stay ?

    It provides 12 hours of hydration and it is waterproof as well.

  • Which one of them suitavle for dry skin

    This is for all skin type you can use this foundation.

  • I have sensitive skin .. also oily skin .. is it dermatologically tested ? As if it cause any acne etc

    Yes it is testested.

  • How do u differentiate ur all 3 4 liquid foundations?? Are they all non comedogenic?? Whats the difference in them??

    The all foundation is according to skin type. And these are non comedogenic.

  • Is the other page on Instagram.. as "missrosepakistanofficial" also your page? W

    No, This is the original Miss Rose page which has  100% authentic products. .

  • How many days are required?

    Delivery takes 3-4 working days

  • For all skin type k lie foundation recomnd krdein plz

    This natural foundation is for all skin type.

  • Does it suit sensitive oily skin?

    Yes it for all skin type.

  • If I have normal skin tone and neutral undertone which shade should I choose

    Beige 1 shade is resemble with normal skin tone.

  • How much time it will take for delivery?

    Delivery takes 3-4 working days,

  • How many ml it is?

    It is the bottel of 30 ML.

  • Is this best for marriage events..

    Yes, this is best for marriage event but for bride we suggest you Silk foundation.

  • I want light yellow tone foundation which number of foundation will be best?

    For fair skin tone we have fair shade in foundation.

  • Which foundation is best for oily skin

    The matte foundation in tube and botel both are best for oily skin.

  • I have a Fair reddish skin tone. Which shade will be best?

    Mam. You can use Fair for warm underfair color.

  • Delievery charges?

    In this sale we offer FREE Delivery on the purchase of Rs 1000 or above but less than Rs 1000, delivery charges are Rs 199 only. 
    This offer is for a limited time.

  • Hi Team Miss rose ...i am warm undertone and usually i am choosing ivory shade for myself ....is this a right shade for fair skin and warm undertone ?

    For warm undertones: choose a foundation with a gold or yellow base, and consider shades like fair & beige.
    For neutral undertones: consider shades like , , ivory.

  • International delivery??

    Alishba , We are just deliver in Pakistan right now...

  • I use kraylon45 so suggest me according to my tone

    Mam this shade is for meduim o dark . And we have have beige 3 resemble with this color. We sugguest you to select shade 1 tone lighter than your skin tone.

  • Medium skin h r neutral undertone hy to konsi foundation number best Hoga r face powder number bhi?

    Shade beige 2 or bige 1 meduin skin tone ky shade hain. In main sy ap apni skin sy match krta shade select kr skaty hain or compact poeder 02 main meduim tone shade rkhta hai.

  • My completion is fair but fraclles Wich shade for me

    Mam shade fair will the good for you if you have yellow under tone.

  • Beige 3 use for which skin type?

    Beige 3 id for dark to meduim skin tone.

  • Which shade is suitable for normal skin tone

    Mam shade Beige 1 is for normal skin tone if you have normal to fair skin. But for normal to dark skin you can use beige 2

  • When u will restock miss rose natural foundation fair colour?

    This shade is available . Kindly contact us on our official whatsapp for placing na order : 0311 11 222 40

  • What color should I select, if I'm using Maybelline 195?

    The shade beige 2 and beige 1 is for meduim skin tone.

  • Miss rose foundation available nhi ha??

    Arham Foundation available hai. Kindly humy whatsapp ( 0311 11 222 40 ) py desired shade mention kijea taky hum apko guide kr sky.

  • Which shade would be suitable for me if i use shade 115 of mablline fit me

    Mam you can select shade ivory 6 ,