Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails
Manicure Stick On Nails

Manicure Stick On Nails

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What it is:

Create beautiful, professional looking nails at home. Easy to apply and long lasting.
Stick On Nails are the most convenient way of getting well styled nails at home. They offer perfect fake nails in various designs to give the precise fit and style for every occasion. Now ……. You choose nails as per your mood without going into the trouble of cutting, filing and painting them.

What You Need To Know:

These nails stay as long as 7-10 days or even more. However, you are recommended to give a break  after a week, so that the natural nails are exposed to fresh air. Nails are made in such a way that they are Chip Resistant , Long Lasting and Fade Proof,  however, the durability of the nails would thoroughly depend on the way they are handled. Over exposure to water, washing dishes /  clothes etc would reduce their lifespan.

How to Use:

1. Carefully apply a thin layer of glue to your natural nails, one at a time. Wipe away any excess with a damp cotton bud.
Position the false nail on your natural nail just above the cuticle and hold down firmly for at least 30 seconds until completely bonded.
Repeat on all nails.

Cut down false nails first before soaking them individually in Superdrug Artificial Nail Remover until the nails start to dissolve.


Color Disclaimer: Due to photographic lighting, the colors of the original product may slightly vary from the picture.


Ask a Question
  • When ur stick on nails gilter available ?? I wnat to order ...but they are showing out of stock

    Thank you for your concern.
    Mam glitter nails are available. 

    Kindly whatsapp us for more details and placing an orders. 0311 11 222 40 

  • When the nails will be Available?i want soon please?

    Nails has been restocked. You can place your order.

  • Plz tell the delivery charges..?

    Dear Ma'am Thankyou for your message , Delivery is free on the purchasing of Rs 2000 or above but less than Rs 2000, delivery charges are Rs198 only.

  • Do the nails have glue with the?

    These are stick on nails. You can use it with out glue .

  • How can i get Manicure Nails MN5/ Because its not showing in the options for purchase. Thanks Shumaila

    Shumaila. The nails is available with the name of french nails.

  • I want to buy glitter nails g6. Can you tell me the name of this shade, so I'll order it.

    The name of glitter nails is with glitter 06

  • Option ki samjh nhi aa rahi f3 f4 iss ka kya Matlab hy

    Mam F3 and F4 nails shads hain.

  • if I order the nails today do i receive them the same day??

    Mam it is hard for us to deliver parcel same day. Delivery takes atleast 3 working days for delivery.

  • Hello i want to order manicure nails but there is no option of M2 in shades what should i do?

    Mam mainicure nails are sold out but the similar nail has been arrived. you can vist link to see . https://missrose.com.pk/products/missrose-stick-on-nails-pack?_pos=3&_sid=83b95bb37&_ss=r

  • I wanna buy black one but I don't know the name of that shade. Can you please tell me the shade?

    MAm you can select black shade or whatsapp for order 0311 11 222 40

  • Are these nails reusable??

    Yes it can be use up to 10-15 time.

  • When MN4 will be available?

    Mam it will be restocked soon. But the matte nails has been arrived.

  • Sir French nails jaldi restock kry plzzzzzzz

    We gonna restock soon.  Stay updated.

  • Which shade nmber is manicure nails type I'm totally confused how to order manicure nails

    Mam The manicure nails number is MN.

  • I want to order MN 2....but unable to order because in the shade menu MN 2 is not mentioned...how can I order manicure nails 2????

    Dear Mam. You can select your desired shade or for placing an order you can also contact us on our official contract number, 0311 11 222 40

  • I want f4. Not available?

    Mam we will restock this shade soon.